I am so stressed and so tired at the moment I am actually losing it. I cant concentrate in my essay or project and I just feel like going “bleurgh screw it all”.

hey, just saying that i’m okay rn idk i doubt anyone cares that much to worry.

Seriously considering killing myself right now. I’m a complete waste of space. Im a selfish piece of shit. My granddad came home and said he’s getting rid of Puck which means he’s trying to get rid of enough things he loves so he can kill himself.

It’s just one thing after a fucking nother here. Get passive aggressive shit thrown at me because I don’t work hard enough and I don’t have a job and I dont clean up after myself but as soon as I live up to those expectations they find something else to shit on me about. Im having fuck all to do with this family when I go to uni they can all go fuck themselves.

And id just like to add that I did work hard at college and I did clean up after myself and I did have a saturday job.

My granddad just fucking walked out because I wanted to wash a bowl and a plate for dinner. Wow.

oh hi there to the people who have followed this blog????

and they all seem to be people i really like awesome

i kinda forgot this was a thing i was supposed to do instead of ranting on the ob one

Kinda panicking about Evelyne not being in OB anymore??????


Am i a womfn? Am i a womfn?


not great quality but HARTBIG FUCKERS!!


not great quality but HARTBIG FUCKERS!!



I fucking conic

nicole richie is everything